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that changes Asia and the world


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India-based biodegradable sanitary pad maker wins Nikkei Asia Award

AHMEDABAD, India -- An Indian startup that makes biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads has been named winner of the Nikkei Asia Award for its unique technology and potential benefit to society, Nikkei announced on Tuesday.

It was Kristin Kagetsu's passion to work for a sustainable environment and underprivileged women that brought the American of Chinese and Japanese descent to India.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate developed the concept with co-founder Tarun Bothra, leading them to establish Saathi -- a Hindi word for "companion" -- in Ahmedabad, in the western Indian state of Gujarat.

That was in 2015, and Saathi now produces sanitary napkins from locally sourced banana and bamboo fibers as well as other natural materials. more


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Innovation from Asia
that changes Asia and the world

The NIKKEI ASIA AWARD is a project to recognize innovation originating Asia. “Innovation from Asia” involves any novel and innovative activities that promote the transformation of Asia and the world, and support the realization of a free and prosperous society from the Asian perspective – based on the diverse value.

The award focuses on novel and innovative activities started in Asia, and led by people from and living in Asia, creating a free and prosperous society by revitalizing the region and improving lives.

Nikkei newly launched the Nikkei Asia Award in 2021. The Nikkei Asia Prizes, established in 1996, had ended with the announcement of its 25th winners in 2020.

1996-2020 2021-


In order to reflect the diversity of perspectives in Asia, Nikkei has established the Advisory Board for the NIKKEI ASIA AWARD. The group consists of ten experts from Asian countries, including Japan. Nikkei appoints experts from nations and regions with shared values such as democracy, liberalism and market economy.

The Advisory Board submits the evaluations and opinions of the prospective candidates, selected by the Nikkei Selection Committee. Based on opinions and advice from the Board, the Nikkei Selection Committee chooses the award winner at the selection meeting, and obtains the approval of the Board.

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The call for nominations for 2023 is now closed.
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